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Freelance Editorial


As someone who worked at Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, an imprint of Big Five publisher Hachette Book Group, for several years, I love working with writers to help mold their manuscripts so that their story can reach its full potential. I had the honor of working with authors such as Jay Coles, Samira Ahmed, and award-winning authors such as Brandy Colbert and Ashley Herring Blake.

In addition to being an editor, I have also earned my MFA from The New School's Writing for Children program, and founded and ran a middle grade and young adult writing workshop in NYC.

As an editor, it's my job to point out what might be missing from the manuscript, or what might not work about the novel; I provide advice, guidance, and suggestions, so that your manuscript will become the best that it can be, and so that you can secure your literary agent or your next book deal.

I like to know what your goals are, and what your intention is with the manuscript before reading, so that I can best offer advice on the different paths your manuscript may take.

Writing is my passion, and being a writer helps me to better communicate with other authors. I understand that your manuscript is not only your baby--it's a piece of your soul, your truth, that you've bravely decided to share with the world, and I respect that fact, and am honored you've decided to entrust your story with me.




Sensitivity/Authenticity Report ($300)

As a queer and trans black person, I can offer insight and opinions on authenticity for manuscripts that feature characters that coincide with my identities, pointing to specific lines in Track Changes and writing an overall report on the novel's concept and characters.

Manuscript Editorial Letter ($100/10,000 words)

I read manuscripts within two weeks and write an editorial letter, looking at the bigger picture in terms of plot, character, setting, voice, and audience, always keeping your goals and intentions in mind. As someone who has spent years within a publishing company, I can offer insight into what your manuscript might need in order to stand out from other stories in the marketplace, to find a literary agent, and/or to receive your book deal. Each letter is $100/10,000 words (a 50,000-word manuscript is $500, a 60,000-word manuscript is $600, etc.) Revisions sent are $200 thereafter.


Please use the contact form below and in the subject line add which request you're seeking (i.e.: Manuscript Editorial Letter) and the title of your manuscript, and in the body of your email write a brief summary of the manuscript, your goals (literary agent, self-publish, etc.), along with any intentions you might have in mind for your novel. I'll be in touch.

Thank you!

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